Whats In A Business Name?

When you work as a freelancer, you have a couple of different options for your business name: Work under your real name or choose a business name that's different from your real name. Each option has pros and cons.

Personally, I do any writing, content marketing, SEO and other typical freelance projects under my own name. With my photography business, my name is still in there but it's my first name + middle name + photography. Since my last name isn't included, I had to register a fictitious business name with the state that I live in. I chose this set up for a few different reasons but the main reason is that I am a company of one when it comes to freelancing online. I felt that if I named my business anything other than my name, that clients may get confused and think that I employed other people or had a larger operation than I really have.

This leads to the question: What is the right business name if you're a freelancer?

While I choose to work under my own name, that's my personal choice for specific reasons that I have. You may be in a different situation or have other considerations to take into account when naming your freelance business. Either way, there's always the risk that you could pick the wrong name or one that hurts your business and that's a situation that you want to avoid. Lets explore this issue further to help develop a few tips regarding picking the right business name for freelancers.

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Using Your Own Name

When I first began freelancing, my plan was to eventually do business under a fictitious name. What changed? After a few projects, I started getting referral business and I felt that changing my freelance business name to something other than my own would make it harder for current clients and potential clients to find me when they needed work done. My name became attached to my work and I figured there was no sense changing a good thing.

When freelancers first start out, most simply do work under their first name and last name. There isn't anything wrong with doing work under your first and last name but you shouldn't rule out the future either. If you have plans of taking on employees in the future or you want to eventually work under a fictitious name, it may be better to just start out using the fictitious name to avoid confusing clients later on. Most website platforms where you can find freelance work won't allow you to change your username either, which means that if you decided to change your business name later on to something different, you'd have to register a new profile and gain new feedback.

Using A Fictitious Name

Using a fictitious name has it's benefits and drawbacks as well. Having a fictitious business name may make your freelance business look more reputable to some prospective clients and if you set up a website, you don't have to worry about trying to register your first and last name as your domain name. However, since most freelancers work independently, having a fictitious name can lead clients to believe that your company is larger than it is plus there's the cost of registering the business name in the state that you live in. Each state and municipality has their own regulations which can affect what you choose to do and how you choose to do it.

Whats In A Business Name?

Most importantly, what's in a business name? If you opt to go with a fictitious name, not every name you come up with is going to be the right one. It should relate to the freelance field that you work in; it should be short enough to remember and it should be kept professional. While there's nothing wrong with coming up with a catchy business name, a name which is too bold or over the top could offend people more than it could help. Business names which are sarcastic in nature can also make potential clients whether or not you're serious about your work.

Other Considerations

In the end, the right name for your freelance business is ultimately up to you. The best thing to do is put yourself in a potential clients shoes before you start making up a list of names and then think whether or not you'd be interested working with a business that has one of the names that you've developed.

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