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Many times the best marketing tools are the simplest and most obvious one. One of the the simplest ways to attract new customers and promote new products to your existing customer base is the old reliable news letter. Yep folks, a news letter. I have found that publishing a monthly newsletter is a great way to provide ongoing marketing of you and what you do in an educational, how to informational format for your clients. Why? because your customers view the newsletter as a benefit- it is almost like a seminar in print or training guide which is delivered to them on a monthly basis. But guess what? The biggest prize actually goes out to you. You know why, because you are staying in front of your customers and prospects, reminding them that your are the expert!.

Now don't go and jump out of a window about writing a newsletter. It is not as hard as you might think. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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(1) Use your own name if you can't think of one, brand yourself. For example, Pam Knights' Marketing Tidbits. Think about what you are selling and how what you are selling will benefit your customer.

(2) If you are delivering by email, keep it short and simple. If you are delivering by print, aim for four pages starting off with black and white on white paper. Keep it simple, basic, and readable. Once you get the hang of it you can go wild with your publishing.

(3) Content. Well here we go that's the scary part. Many people don't write their own newsletters and some write 75% of it. If you can find contributors to your newsletter so that it can cut down on the amount you write. However now if love that kind of stuff, writing, then go for it. Just make sure the content is newsworthy, informative and share ideas, and how to tips. Make sure you provide a benefit in your newsletter otherwise people won't want to read it every month.


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