Email Marketing For Your Small Business

Email marketing could be huge for small business, but not a lot of businesses are currently taking advantage of it. When you have a sale, promotion, or special, chances are your small business takes out some radio ads, has a station on location, runs some newspaper ads, and possibly some television ads. It gets pretty expensive to tell people about the event you're having.

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That's why LRS Consulting has developed a program to allow small business owners a way to easily and inexpensively market directly to their customers via email. We start by putting a customer sign up form on your website for your visitors to sign up to receive communication from you. What you choose to communicate to your customers is up to you, but the better your offers, the more subscribers you'll get.

Once you have established a good list of your customers, you can send emails to them directly whenever you are having a sale, promotion, or special event. We look after the maintenance of your customer list with double opt in and unsubscribe features, send the emails on your behalf, and track the open and click through rates of your batch emails.

Looking to start marketing directly to your customers through email? Our email marketing packages at LRS Consulting start as low as $149/month and we can get you up and running right away.

P.S. If you already have a list of your customers with their contact information we can import your Excel files into our Infusion CRM program easily. By switching over to our services you'll never have to worry about maintaining your list again and it will still be available for you to run targeted direct mail campaigns too!

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