Getting clients for your business can be a frustrating journey. It can...

Getting clients for your business can be a frustrating journey. It can also be one of the biggest challenges for your business if you are just getting started and are struggling to pull it together financially.

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As a professional marketing consultant, I once experienced delays when gaining new clients, however; my goal was to always ensure that my existing clients needs we're taken care of.

I started my marketing company in late 2011 and my first client was pro bono. Yes, I conducted marketing and advertising for free!!!

I know that free services can appear to be frightening, especially when you have invested into what it is that you want to do. But the good thing about Free is that if you do it right and prove what you are capable of, the financial part of it will come back to you in due time.

And yes, it indeed takes time to get established if you are starting off on a budget.

My first free client was a good friend that had a small company in my town and I asked her if I could lend a hand with her marketing services. After about 3 months I received my first paying client, who found out about me from my pro bono client. From there, the word of mouth source of marketing continued to do it's justice.

A few important factors to keep in mind are that you must tap into your network of potential prospects and begin there. My potential clients we're small businesses, so that is where I went to share the style of PR and Marketing services that I offered.

Although marketing and advertising dollars are important components of obtaining new business- I found that it honestly depends on the type of service that you offer.

Be Pitch Ready

When telling someone about what it is that you do, be sure to have what you do mapped out for a brief explanation. No one wants to sit and hear you describe what you do for more than five minutes-because by then, you have lost their attention. Keep it brief and expand on the conversation as they ask questions. For example: If someone asks you what it is that you do for a living, simply say, "I'm a hairstylist, do you have one?

Don't say," I'm a hairstylist and I do cuts and dyes for women, men, and children ages 5 and up. I also have a studio around the corner that I just opened and I'm doing a special for new clients for $10 off your first visit. I have a website, business cards, and even brochures that I can"..and on and on and on.

Get my drift?

Too much information in one breath will be forgotten or the potential client will lose interest.

More information is great- but gain their attention and interest first.

Have Internet Interaction

It is very important to have a website-even if everyone seems to be on social media engines such as Facebook and Twitter. The social media sites are great, however; they are more important for use of business to customer communication and feedback. Your website will create a more in depth look at what you do, what you offer, and where your services are located. This is also where the extensive information will go about your services.

Offer Pro bono

In few cases, you may have to start by showcasing what you do for little to nothing. If you cut grass, of course your job is to simply cut someones growing grass to keep it low-but keep in mind that you can offer a deal in that area as well. Tell the customer that they can get $5 off each time they call you for your grass cutting services. This will assist you in gaining repeat clientele, who in addition may spread the word to their family and friends about your services and deals. You could even offer them to refer 3 customers and receive one grass cutting service for free.

I had a make-up artist once tell me that she was having a hard time finding clients for weddings and events to conduct her professional make-up application services. I advised her to go into a wedding boutique and hang out where soon to be brides generally are and to offer a free face trial to see how they like what she does.

Offering a starter services will allow you to get your businesses name in the market of your service and gain exposure.

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