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Times change and for businesses to stay on top of the game they have to change with them. Back in the olden days, a well thought out print ad and nicely executed television commercial we're all a business needed to drive business their way. Thanks to the increasing popularity of the internet, it has become imperative for companies to up the ante by exploring different internet marketing strategies. In fact, 84% of people have said the use of more online marketing tools has been the biggest difference for small businesses over the past five years. One such solution is the blog. While many people consider a blog to just be someone writing about their day or life experiences, they have actually become quite an effective tool for a business in the marketing game.

People usually don't start a blog for their business with the sole intention of driving their customer base away. However, if that is your goal, then by all means, follow these steps to ensure your blog is bad for business.

Offend Your Customer Base

If you really want to push those potential customers away, the best thing you can do is jump on the coattails of a tragic news story and end it with a request for customers to come on down! If you make them think you care more about your business than you do their feelings, they will be more than happy to take their business elsewhere.

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Post Illegible Info

The blogs you post don't always have to come from you, especially if you have a knack for writing. However, if you prefer to pay someone else to write for you, use someone that has no idea about your business plan to ensure the information posted is completely irrelevant to your marketing strategy.

Settle for Less than the Best

Customers tend to look for the best, and most informed, companies to throw their money at. If you don't want them coming your way, just slap something together that is full of grammatical errors. That will be the best way to show them just how unprofessional you choose to be.


Put off today what needs to be done tomorrow! Dont put time and effort into your content marketing if it is the last thing you care about. I mean, who needs a professional marketing strategy if your main goal is having an unsuccessful business? A blog post that obviously wasnt well thought out will shine through and prove to your customers just how little you care about your bottom line.

Incoherent Content

Customers that look to a blog for help deciding whether or not to patronize a business can be negatively affected by rambling and disjointed articles. We wouldn't want them to think we had a good business head on our shoulders, now would we? For example, if you have a sale coming up on a specific item, blog about something completely different! That will keep them guessing, and not in a good way.

Be Bland

Surely you don't want your customers to think you are actually excited about the prospect of gaining their business. So why would you put any emotion into the blogs you do get around to slapping together? Just use a neutral, and boring, conversational tone when writing up information about your company, and they will get the point that you just don't care!

Leave Your Creativity at the Door

Forget about unique content marketing ideas. Dont spend too much time informing yourself about effective SEO and keyword placement. Ignore the hype about using social media to your companys advantage. These are what modern customers are looking for, and that just isn't your bag, baby!

If you aren't looking to expand your customer base, then you probably shouldn't be a business owner to begin with. Those that are looking to succeed should do the exact opposite of the above.

Take the time to put some serious effort into your content marketing. Dont offend your customers by newsjacking a tragic story or by posting your wild opinions about things that have nothing to do with your business. If you don't feel comfortable writing content for a blog, make sure you buy blog posts from a company that is willing to be trained and educated on your company and it's overall goal. Make sure the content that is posted is relevant to your business and up to date with successful marketing strategies. Successful companies today rely on a healthy marketing relationship with social media, so don't be afraid to dive into as many social networks as you can handle. By putting thought and effort into the content you post, you can show your customers that you have something to offer other than just a product they want. You want to make all of those potential customers want to buy from you, not run the other way.

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