When a small business enterprise can keep its dignity it can keep its people

For workers in a small business enterprise rough times come when everyone starts to expect that something bad is going to happen. During these times workers seem to dread the day when they will lose their job.

Worst case scenarios of large-scale businesses may have already been reported in the media and over the Internet and your people know that a small business enterprise is equally at risk, possibly more so.

The small business enterprise may have a smaller number of members but it is still vulnerable to downsizing. Although there are many ways to keep the business stable, there is one value that will keep your people less worried That is dignity.

People in a small business enterprise are more connected to each other because of the more intimate size of the team. This advantage can keep everyone working together with passion and keep everyone focused on the business objectives.

Business For Sale ?

When facing tough times a small business enterprise can avoid putting up the hypothetical business for sale sign. Employees can soon get to believing that the small business owner will go the " business for sale " route to solving the problems.

A business owner can demonstrate that the opposite is true and that the small business may even have the opportunity to expand and increase it's productivity because of the peoples passion for the business. The dignity of the people is the foundation of the passion that keeps the business going.

A well-defined business plan and good communication maintains the dignity of the business

Every business, even a small business, needs a good business plan to stay focused. When the people in your team know what your business is so passionate about and where it is heading, they are likely to stay as motivated as you are.

Communication also plays an important role when it comes to beating the problems in your business. Being a small business can have an advantage because it is easier to open up to your organization, pull people together and take swift action.

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When you are honest you can focus on fewer problems

The small business owner can create an open line of communication to everyone concerned including the workers and the community that they serve.

Being honest makes no change to a situation or make everything right or okay, but it gives a feeling of relief to everyone. Being honest is adult behavior, but it is easy when faced with business difficulties just to think that honest communications is unrealistic and childish.

In difficult situations, a small business owner can say that there is a problem and it can be solved with everyone's help and cooperation.

This would also give your team a chance to open up and share what they know to make the business better.

Opening up and being honest acknowledges the connection of your small business to the community and to your organization. There is a connection between us and that in a world where everything is connected, the most important thing we can do is treat our fellows with dignity.

Dignity is preserved when there is consistent communication

Consistent communication and proper implementation of the business plan preserves the dignity within the small business organization. This helps workers to be more confident in the stability of the business organization.

When there is consistent communication, there is also better transparency between the workers and the whole organization. Its easy to take dignity away from someone but difficult to give it to them.

There is great value in preserving the dignity of the small business and of the people behind it

Just like the farmer who is able to feed his family and earn enough to send his kids to school will earn the respect of the people in his village, a small business can earn the respect of the community and it's people by upholding the dignity of the organization.

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