5 Great Online Media That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Here are 5 great online media that will compliment your networking and help you to grow your business. Some of them are obvious, some may be less well known to you.


Surprisingly, there are still business people out there who've never heard of LinkedIn! So, for those of you who don't know what it is or how to use it effectively, here's a quick overview of what it is and what it can do for your business.In my personal opinion, every one in the business-to-business (B2B) sector needs to be on LinkedIn. It has been likened to the Facebook of the business world. However, it is so much more. Yes, it is a social networking platform and that is the only real similarity between LinkedIn and Facebook.The groups on LinkedIn are very business-orientated and a great way of finding people in your niche. If, for instance, you're Virtual Assistant who niches in the real estate industry, then you can find and join various real estate groups for the geographical locations you want to focus on.Another great thing way to use LinkedIn is as a contact management system. I have, briefly, touched on this in previous blogs articles . (Why Business Networking A Waste Of Time For You? & The 3 Steps To Networking Part 3 Of 3) Yes, you can record details about your connections such as when, where and how you met them, who introduced you, plus you can keep general notes about anything you wish telephone conversations, one-to-one meetings, etc.Creating tags and using these to group your connections also enables you to focus any marketing that you do on LinkedIn, and other stuff like that.

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LinkedIn let's you store notes about your contacts.


One of the major benefits of Facebook for the business professional is that, because it is more informal, it is a great platform in which to get to know your business connections on a more personal level.LinkedIn is very formal and business-like. People feel compelled to act all professional on it. Whereas on Facebook, people are more at ease, more relaxed and this can make it easier to engage with them personally, to get to know them as individuals, as human beings. In turn, this can help you to develop the "like" and "trust" aspects of any seriously productive and beneficial business relationship.So, after you meet people at networking events, endeavour to connect with them on Facebook and engage with them there.

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Business Scene is a networking organisation, founded by Warren Cass. Their events are all held in the evenings and this is provides an opportunity to meet and get to know people in a slightly less formal, more relaxed setting.However, Business Scene also has an online forum a great place to share blog articles (not in a spammy way, though), share success stories, share tips, get advice and connect with others like minded business professionals.And if you run your own networking events, seminars, training workshops, etc., there is a place on the Business Scene website where you can post these too.


Like Business Scene, 4Networking is a networking organisation. It was founded by Brad Burton. 4Networking have events at just about every time of the day to suit you morning, lunchtime and evening. And, also like Business Scene, they have a forum where you can share blog articles, share tips, get advice and engage with other business owners, etc.


Meetup.com is kind of where online and offline collide or converge. It is an online forum where you can find physical, offline groups for just about every interest out there photography, knitting, line dancing, and business. It's great because you can find groups by location.I've been a member of a local business meetup called Birmingham Entrepreneurs for some time now and found to be a great source of new business contacts.If you run your own regular events, then why not consider posting them on Meetup.com?

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And There's More!

There are many more online media that you can use to compliment your offline networking efforts and grow your business. Those I've listed above are the ones I've personally used with success.So, over to you. What other online media and tools have you had success with? And how have you used them most effectively? Please share your knowledge and experiences in the comments below.


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