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Errors & Omissions coverage is the best insurance to protect professionals like interior designers, business consultants, IT consultants, engineers and home inspectors among others. Some non-profit organizations may even qualify for E&O coverage.

If any of your clients suffer damages or financial losses related to your products or services, they may decide to sue you in an effort to cover their costs. Without E&O insurance to protect you, the lawsuit may cost you more than you anticipate.


As we are connected to over 15 insurance companies in Ontario, we offer you choice when it comes to your coverage. E&O insurance is not right for everyone so let us work with you to find out if the policy fits your needs.

Professional Advice:

With over 40 years in the insurance industry, we have the skills and expertise to find you the best coverage at the most reasonable price. Let us help ensure you are protected. Contact us today to see if E&O insurance is the right fit for your business.

Payment Flexibility:

There are various ways to pay for coverage including paying the premium in full, monthly installments and other options. Let’s work together to find a solution that fits for you.

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