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Home inspectors need to have insurance to protect them in the case of litigation or other damage claims. Often these packages are a combination of Errors and Omissions coverage and general liability protection. This helps secure home inspectors from claims of bad advice to property or bodily damage.


Our firm works with many of the top insurance companies in Ontario to provide the broadest choice for our customers. Home inspector’s insurance can be customized to include coverage that is specific to the needs of your business. Let us find you the right policy.


Often times insurance companies will provide discounts for customers, depending on the circumstances of the policy. By accepting a higher deductible or by purchasing multiple policies from the same insurance provider, customers can benefit from company discounts. We are happy to look into reducing your costs without impacting your coverage.

Professional Advice:

I have the skill and connections to get the best coverage at the best price for you. If you need to make a claim we will be there for you throughout the process.

Payment Flexibility:

We understand that different companies have different needs. That is why we offer flexible payment methods for our customers. Whether you are paying in full, arranging monthly installments or anything in-between, we are happy to find a solution that works for you.

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