Outstanding rates & peace of mind!

More and more insurance is becoming a ‘big box’ business. Despite the fact that these companies are often far from pleasant to deal with, people often go with these companies believing they are getting a lower rate.

People are often surprised to find that we can supply excellent rates, sometimes significantly lower than the big guys. How do we do this? Well it’s an old-fashioned word… We call it ‘service’!

By taking the time to truly understand your situation and then working to match you up with the best possible provider we can almost always provide a significantly better rate and coverage.

The icing on the cake here is that you also get me. I care very strongly about my clientele and if you have questions or concerns about your insurance, I’m going to remember who you are, and work diligently on your behalf and see to it you’re very well taken care of.

What’s important to you?


Auto insurance in Ontario can be a little confusing. Between understanding the no-fault system in Ontario and the different options available to protect your vehicles; it’s always best to deal with a broker who will take the time to explain your insurance coverage options to you. Cheap insurance is great, but not if you aren’t protected properly.


With offices across Ontario, I can find the right solution for you. Our brokerage represents over 15 insurance companies in Ontario. With that many to choose from, we are sure to find you a very competitive auto insurance rate that fits your needs and budget.


Each insurance company has many auto insurance discounts available. I will work with you to find the best auto insurance for your situation. Some of the discounts available are:

  • Multi-policy discount (insuring auto and property with the same company)
  • Multi-vehicle discount (insuring multiple vehicles with the same insurance company)
  • Winter tire discount (now available with all companies January 2016)
  • Conviction free discount
  • Driver training discount
  • Short commute discount
  • Retiree discount
  • Good student discount
  • Loyalty discount
  • MyDriving discount (discount based on your driving habits)

Professional Advice:

In this day of impersonal technology, aren’t we all just looking for answers and to talk to someone who knows?  If you are like me, sometimes it’s just nice to pick up the phone and speak to a human being who is willing to listen. If you are in an accident, I will be there to help you navigate the claims process and answer any questions you may have. Having the proper auto insurance will reduce worry and make your claims process easier should you be involved in an accident.

Payment Flexibility:

Are you looking to pay your premium in full to save the monthly finance fee? Maybe you like to pay for your home insurance monthly from your credit card so you can build your reward points. Whatever your preference, we have a solution for you.

Guaranteed Rates:

Did you know that the date you received your license(s)? Do you know how long you have been listed on an insurance policy? Have you ever had a gap of insurance for any reason? What about the dates of claims going back 10 years or tickets you may have received in the last 3? The majority of people can’t always remember certain details which can affect the auto insurance quote drastically.  I treat the quote process differently. With a quick call, I can take the vehicle and driver details and verify the information through a third party system. This allows me to give you a consistent insurance quote every time.

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