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More and more insurance is becoming a ‘big box’ business. Despite the fact that these companies are often far from pleasant to deal with, people often go with these companies believing they are getting a lower rate.

People are often surprised to find that we can supply excellent rates, sometimes significantly lower than the big guys. How do we do this? Well it’s an old-fashioned word… We call it ‘service’!

By taking the time to truly understand your situation and then working to match you up with the best possible provider we can almost always provide a significantly better rate and coverage.

The icing on the cake here is that you also get me. I care very strongly about my clientele and if you have questions or concerns about your insurance, I’m going to remember who you are, and work diligently on your behalf and see to it you’re very well taken care of.

What’s important to you?


University and college towns offer great investment opportunities for those looking to own a student rental.  Although these properties can be profitable, they are viewed as higher risk in the eyes of many insurers and require a policy specifically built for these types of properties. Risk management is a key part in obtaining the best student rental insurance. Let me work with you to review your student rental insurance needs and provide you with some competitive options.


With offices across Ontario, I can find the right student rental insurance for you. Our brokerage represents over 15 insurance companies in Ontario, and 5+ companies that specialize in insuring student rentals. With that many to choose from, we are sure to find you a very competitive student rental property insurance that fits your needs and budget.

Risk Management:

Student rentals can be higher risk if you don’t put a risk management policy in place. Consider the following steps before taking on any new lessee’s.

  • Request multiple references
  • Have annual leases for each student
  • Have a requirement that each student have their own tenant insurance in the lease
  • Have a requirement that all cooking be done in communal kitchen (no hot plates allowed)
  • Inspect the exterior of the property monthly
  • Inspect the interior semi-annually
  • Have an emergency plan posted in the home in case of fire or medical emergency
  • Have a contract for snow removal to prevent slips and falls, or have a written agreement outlining tenants responsibilities in this matter.

Professional Advice:

There are very few people that actually review their rental property insurance policy and know what they are covered for. If you are like most people, you just want to know you are protected.  Having your options explained to you is one thing I can promise you. In the event you experience a loss, we can review your claim options together. I will be able to walk you through the claims process to be sure that everything goes smoothly.

Payment Flexibility:

Are you looking to pay your premium in full to save the monthly finance fee? Maybe you like to pay for your home insurance monthly from your credit card so you can build your reward points. Whatever your preference, we have a solution for you.

Additional Coverage:

Rental Income
This insurance compensates you for lost rent in the event you have an insurable loss at your property. If the loss is major and the home can’t be occupied while the repairs or replacement are taking place, there is a chance of losing your tenants which means losing your monthly rent.

Building owner’s contents coverage
Rental properties often contain some of the landlord’s contents. Coverage for these contents can be added as additional coverage. Generally, the contents are limited to the appliances in the home (washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher).

Sewer backup coverage
Water damage is the number 1 source of claims today. The sewer backup endorsement adds coverage to your property policy to protect your home from damage caused by rupture of or escape of water from a sewer, drain, sump, or septic tank.

Equipment breakdown

Flood & Earthquake


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