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Professional Liability InsuranceCoverage:

If your business focuses on offering advice to clients in some capacity, we should discuss adding professional liability insurance to your package.

Even those at the top of their game can make mistakes or have an off-day. When this happens, and your client loses money or suffers other damages because of your advice, they tend to put their anger into a lawsuit. If this should happen to you, professional liability insurance offers financial support to cover court and legal costs.


We offer rates and plans from over 15 insurance companies across the province to give you the best choice for professional liability coverage. General liability insurance only covers you for body or property damage claims, if you are looking for more coverage let’s talk about whether professional liability insurance is a fit for you.


Many insurance companies also offer discount programs that we can look into as I am happy to work with you to maximize your businesses discount without compromising coverage.

These can include:

  • Multi-policy discount, which is offered to those who buy different policies from the same company
  • Higher deductibles are also less expensive

Professional Advice:

With over four decades of experience, I can help you ensure that you are covered for any situation you may face. With our skilled team of licensed support staff, you can trust there will always be someone available to answer your questions.

Whatever industry you work in I am happy to help you explore the benefits that professional liability insurance can deliver for you.

Payment Flexibility:

There are various ways to pay for coverage including paying the premium in full, monthly instalments and other options. Let’s work together to find a solution that fits for you.

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